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I’ve always collected stuff and enjoyed checking out the latest tech, and so I’ve ended up owning a lot of camera gear over the years.

As much for my own records (and as a quick reference if I want some inspiration on which camera/lens combo to take out on a given day), I’ve put together a gear guide section of this site with summaries of a whole bunch of cameras, lenses and eventually other photography-related gear too.

One or two of the items link through to longer reviews I’ve already published and I do plan to fill those out over time—I have an almost-done review of the Fuji GFX 50S I wrote nearly a year ago that needs finishing and updating now I’ve had even more use and the chance to compare against the 50R.

Hopefully of interest to fellow camera gear addicts, and included are a number of vintage/adapted lenses with notes on use with Fuji X or GFX bodies.

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