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A rainy Saturday in London

Fujifilm X-T10, 27.0mm, 1/75s, f/4.0, ISO 400

This is a simple shot from late last year. I got the train into central London to meet my friend, Radek, and help him choose a medium format film camera to buy at Mr Cad near Victoria station.

The plan was to go and take some early test shots afterwards but the weather had got so bad by the time we reached Westminster, we decided to give up and head home. I'd just taken the X-T10 and 27mm 2.8 with me and only took six photos on the day: three each of two scenes, this being the first.

As we were walking along the riverside, the back of this building just caught my eye. Some buildings look good in damp weather and others just look depressing, but the dark, saturated tones of the bricks here work well in the wet I think.

Far from the best photograph I've taken, but one of those nice little points of interest you sometimes notice, walking without a specific purpose in mind.

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