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Cable car symmetry

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Fujifilm X-Pro2, 12.0mm, 1/2500s, f/1.0, ISO 200

A few weeks ago, I decided to take the Thames Clipper boat service back home rather than cram onto train and tube at rush hour. I've mentioned that the Thames Clipper is one of my go-to activities for visitors to London—it's a commuter boat that gets you some great views and plenty of famous sights down the river for not too much money—and I do like to jump on an opportunity to use the boats. 

The final stop to the East is North Greenwich and the O2 Arena, which gets me close enough to home to jump in a cab when I'm feeling lazy. The weather was interesting, with a light drizzle starting as I got off the boat, but it was late August and warm so I went for a bit of a wander around the waters edge to the cable car station. 

The early evening sky was starting to get some nice pink hues to it and I had my Fuji X-Pro2 with the Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.5 out (a favourite combo ever since I got the Nokton) to capture any scenes of note. 

The Emirates Air Line (unfortunately-sponsored name of the cable car) is an odd piece of public transport: on the one hand, cable cars are cool! On the other, why do we need one between the O2 and Excel? Anyway, it leaves you with a view of one of the more industrial areas of London which isn't necessarily a bad thing for photographic interest, so while I took this main photo of the two gondolas lining up as they passed each other I also took this shot below of the other side of the river.

Mix of old and (relatively) new factory buildings on the north side of the river

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