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One of my favourite gates

Fujifilm X-T2, 26.6mm, 1/100s, f/8.0, ISO 2000

Gates are funny things to have favourites of, but I do this one in the grounds of Scotney Castle in Kent. It's not so much the gate itself, which is fairly standard countryside fare, but the setting and the view ahead when you reach it.

Scotney Castle is one of my go-to locations for photography as well as just getting out of London and seeing a bit of greenery. Most of the time when I visit, I ignore the castle completely and go for a walk in the large surrounding fields and woodland. After climbing a first stile and heading downhill, over a lovely old stone bridge, it's this gate that opens you out into the wider park.

Although I've been visiting Scotney Castle for a few years and often take a picture as I reach this spot, I've never been able to do it justice; this is the closest I've got and while I don't think quite captures that lovely stretch of footpath through the trees and up the hill, it is at least a very pleasant photograph to my eye and does give some of the feel of the setting: the close-in atmosphere around the gate with large, old trees providing cover and a mild gloom while the path ahead opens into hilly fields and light.

One day I'll take the time to properly set up and try to capture this scene more as I see it, but so far I've always treated it as a snapshot despite stopping to admire the view every time.

Must try harder!

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