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View from the bell tower of Florence Cathedral

Fujifilm X-T1, 19.5mm, 1/70s, f/11.0, ISO 200

Having a bit of a pick through some older photographs earlier in the week, I landed back on the images from the Florence leg of my honeymoon and spent a little time playing with the photographs I took from atop the bell tower of the cathedral (after erroneously walking up the many stairs to the bell tower rather than the famous Duomo, I couldn't bring myself to queue and do it all over again, but there isn't much height difference between the two). 

I've got some nice images looking out across all the tiled rooftops of the city, but I particularly this shot, looking straight down the side of the tower at the square below for a nice birds-eye shot. From memory, I was most of the way up at this point, but not quite the top. 

In terms of processing, it's interesting that I've found myself processing this one in a similar vein to the approach I've been taking with the few drone shots I've managed so far—which is to go quite strong on the clarity and detail for these bird's-eye-view images. The Mavic Pro raw files need (and can take) a lot of sharpening and contrast work, as they start extremely flat while Fuji files don't, but I just seem to this approach for this type of viewpoint. 

I wonder if it'll follow through when I finally find time to fly the Mavic some more. We've got a week in the Lake District coming up, where I'm also going on a 1:1 workshop with the excellent Nigel Danson courtesy of my wife, so I'm hoping to get some good use out of the drone as well as upping my landscape photography game, learning from one of the best.

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