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As I should be due a mobile phone upgrade in a couple of months, I started having a look around at what's out there as a cheap phone I could probably get for free as a spare (not intending to actually replace my O2 XDA mini). Anyway, as you do, I started browsing a mobile phone review site and came across the stunning-looking Sony Ericsson W950i: Sony Ericsson W950i This phone runs on Symbian 9.1 with UIQ 3.0 interface (if that means anything to you). When I first started reading the review I just thought it looked like quite a nice-looking phone that should have decent storage (being a Walkman model), but it turned out to be much, much more. The phone is basically a PDA combined with mp3 player, with 4GB flash storage straight out of the box and a host of PDA-style apps. The screen is also a touch-screen, with stylus. Aside from lacking WiFi, this phone seems to add all the things that were missing from the XDA II mini. It's a 3G phone too, so browsing the 'net on it should be reasonably quick (the only other 3G phone I've had was a Motorola one on the 3 network that wouldn't let you actually just browse the Internet, so I never really saw the speed of 3G). The W950i is supposedly to be released in July, so here's to hoping Vodafone will give me a good upgrade deal and that I have a bit of cash to splash by then!

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